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The Surprising Best-Selling Vehicle

There’s an unfortunate misconception by many drivers that they don’t need a radar detector because they don’t speed or their vehicle isn’t fast. With 41 million speeding tickets issued annually costing U.S. drivers over $6.2 billion in fines (which doesn’t include insurance premium increases!), many of these tickets are received by self-described safe drivers in…Read more

New Jersey Counties Speeding Ticket Ranking

In 2017, 176,060 speeding tickets were issued in New Jersey. 147,996 of them were handed out on non-toll roads throughout the state while 28,064 speeding tickets were written by state police on the Garden State’s three toll roads.

How does your county rank in the number of tickets issued? Read the entire NJ.com article  to find out…Read more

K40 Consult with RLS2 Radar Detector

Check out this entertaining (yes, she really does throw away a competitor brand radar detector!) yet informative video from Shocker Racing on how the free K40 Consult helped them set up their RLS2 Radar/Laser Detector and kept James and his wife free from speeding tickets during their 3,000 mile road trip.

Heads-Up Display Radar Detector from The Steele Shop

Check out the creativity and overall coolness factor of The Steele Shop in this short video of their K40 RL360i radar detector/laser defense system installation. By positioning the K40 system alert LEDs in a recessed dash pad area, the lights remain hidden until they appear on the front windshield like a high-tech heads-up display!



Kenwood/K40/iDatalink Radar Detector Integration Unboxing, Setup & Operation

This informative and engaging product overview video from Kenwood highlights the contents, setup and operation of K40 RL360di/RL200di custom-installed radar detector systems. They are the world’s first radar detector that integrate with the iDatalinkMaestro RR interface and select KENWOOD/JVC multimedia receivers for a visual and touch on-screen experience.

K40 RL360di/RL200di Overview Video


One of our team members, Justin, offers a brief overview of the world’s first integration-ready radar detector. The RL 360di/RL200di systems have all the K40 features drivers know and love…but now when they are integrated with the Maestro RR interface and select Kenwood and JVC radios, those features are displayed on a touch screen.

A ‘Time Capsule’ Testament to Quality 

Any automotive enthusiast worth their skinned knuckles from turning wrenches on their prized ride enjoys reading a good vehicle history story and how the vehicle made its way into the present owner’s life. Tales of “barn finds”, being reunited with that first car, and other car journey themes bonds us as a community. So, when…Read more

Cheap Shots: Speeding Statistics Found To Be Misleading

U.S. Department of Transportation figures are not always what they seem…

Although data from a 2015 traffic study clocks in speeding related fatalities at 27 percent, the numbers read differently as the department uses a very broad and unfair definition of speeding. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), “ if any driver…Read more

Breaking the Bank: Impending Auto Loan Crisis Not Good for Drivers

Dark clouds are building on the horizon for the automotive industry as it faces a loan crisis similar to the 2008 home mortgage collapse. According to data from Fitch Ratings, auto loan securitizations from 2015 were at an all time low with net losses clocking in at around 15 percent. Additionally, negative equity is at an all time…Read more

Is Your City Next? Chicago Area Red Light Cameras Rake In Revenue

In an eye-opening investigation by the Chicago Sun-Times and ABC-7 Chicago, the news organizations discovered that in 2016 alone, red light cameras generated around $67 million in revenue among various Chicago suburbs. This figure is up nearly 50 percent since 2014 – a staggering number partially thanks to SafeSpeed LLC, a Chicago-based company who maintains contracts…Read more