Portable K40 Radar & Laser Protection

A K40 Portable radar and laser detector, means you drive ticket-free. Guaranteed...

Portable K40 Radar & Laser Protection
You're Free To Drive...
Twice the protection of any other radar detector.
Completely customized for you and the way you drive. 

You're Free To Drive...
We Fix Speeding Tickets!
EVERY K40 product is backed by our
Exclusive Speeding Ticket Guarantee.
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We Fix Speeding Tickets!

The best radar detector and laser jamming solutions for every vehicle and every driver. 

Simply put, the K40 RL360i  and Laser Defuser g5 are the most advanced radar detection and laser protection systems available today, completely customized for your automobile and the way you drive.

K40 Electronics – We Fix Speeding Tickets.

K40 has been the leader in radar and laser detection technology since 1981.

K40 Featured Installation

Customer Testimonial

"This is my 4th one and my husband has had 6 of them.  We have recommended K40 to many friends and would not consider drivng without one.  Thanks for making such a great product and for your excellent customer service.  So nice!"

--Karen T. --Ipswich, MA

White Glove Service.....Just a phone call away.

To Brian and the K40 Team -
     I'm sending this note of appreciation to K40 for your commitment to customer satisfaction and enhancing the Brand experience for current and prospective clients.  (read more....)