The best radar detector and laser jamming solutions for every vehicle and every driver. 

Simply put, the K40 RL360i  and Laser Defuser g5 are the most advanced radar detection and laser protection systems available today, and they're completely customized for your automobile and the way you drive.

You'll never get a speeding ticket. Guaranteed!

K40 has been the leader in radar and laser detection technology since 1981.

K40 Featured Installation

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The performance of the RL360i radar was seven times the capture range of the police radar guns on all radar bands, X, K, and Ka bands used by police. It works as advertised! (read more)...

--Carl Fors, B.S., M.S., President
  Speed Measurement Laboratories, Inc.

Yes, we really pay speeding tickets...

"Thank you for helping me out with this speeding ticket, I received a check in the mail. So since you guys stand behind your product I will now purchase another for my car, could you send me your recommendations on what you think would be best suited for my car, it's a 2014 Corvette Stingray and it definitely needs some help on letting me know about radars.  So let me know what you think and I'll purchase soon!"
Thank you,
J Huckabay