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Radar Detector & Laser Jammer Facts, News, & Stories

Breaking the Bank: Impending Auto Loan Crisis Not Good for Drivers

Dark clouds are building on the horizon for the automotive industry as it faces a loan crisis similar to the 2008 home mortgage collapse. According to data from Fitch Ratings, auto loan securitizations from 2015 were at an all time low with net losses clocking in at around 15 percent. Additionally, negative equity is at an all time…Read more

Is Your City Next? Chicago Area Red Light Cameras Rake In Revenue

In an eye-opening investigation by the Chicago Sun-Times and ABC-7 Chicago, the news organizations discovered that in 2016 alone, red light cameras generated around $67 million in revenue among various Chicago suburbs. This figure is up nearly 50 percent since 2014 – a staggering number partially thanks to SafeSpeed LLC, a Chicago-based company who maintains contracts…Read more

Toughest States On Speeding

To find out which states are the toughest on speeding and other driving classified as “reckless” behavior, WalletHub compared the driving laws in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. While time may have passed from when the study was conducted to when you read this blog post, it’s not likely your state has gotten any softer on speeding…Read more

Safe Speeding: Why Can’t US Drivers Do It?

While the stats are a little dated, this article proves speeding isn’t as dangerous as some revenue driven authorities maintain. In 2012, there were 44 traffic related deaths per one million inhabitants in Germany. Remember, this is where drivers can exceed 200 mph on public roads like the Autobahn. While there are various thoughts on why the US has a 2.5…Read more

NYPD To Crackdown On Speeding

In an ominous article for New York drivers, CBS New York reports Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Vision Zero traffic safety plan has budgeted to purchase 120 new radar guns for local precincts. Putting all those new police radar guns into action will enable officers to build upon the record 137,000 speeding tickets issued in 2016.

This increased enforcement is concerning as researchers from the University of…Read more

Does A Speeding Ticket Raise Insurance Rates?

The financial investigators at NerdWallet have sifted through speeding ticket data and found tickets for exceeding the speed limit by 11-15mph can also raise your car insurance rates by hundreds of dollars when you renew or start a new policy. Read the article and check the interactive map that shows what each state’s average car insurance rates are following a ticket.

How To: Optimum Winter Laser Jammer Performance

When Old Man Winter is predicted to coat the streets with speed reducing snow, drivers have a variety of tasks they can perform to ensure safe driving. Checking tire pressure, making sure the washer solution and gas are filled up, and that the snow brush is still in the car are all good ideas.

Eventually, the streets will be cleared…Read more

Study Proves Police Speed Enforcement Is Dangerous

In a bombshell article by Road & Track , researchers from the University of Western Australia concluded that police issuing tickets for even the smallest speeding infractions distracts drivers from other critical aspects of driving.

This finding is something we’ve long proposed and as such, have felt for over three decades that our products can be considered driving awareness/driving safety accessories. With features like…Read more

Study Finds No Safety Benefit To Red Light Cameras

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency annual report puts a serious dent into those extolling the safety benefits of red light cameras and municipalities’ continued use of the cameras. The findings revealed that simple, low cost methods such as extending yellow light duration times and improving traffic signal visibility had a much bigger impact on reducing accidents than did red…Read more

Ohio Top State For Speeding Tickets

Making a strong case for why you need a K40 radar detection and laser jamming system, this Journal-News investigative article reveals Ohio leads the nation in issuing speeding tickets. In 2015, Ohio issued 376,011 speeding tickets out of the 41 million citations issued annually…which means one out of every five drivers will receive a ticket every year….Read more