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Product Reviews

Zero to 60 Times: K40 RL 100 Review

Even though the best method of avoiding speeding tickets is to simply not speed, for most car guys this is not an option.

“Lead footers” (or speeders) range from the “chronically late” and “always in a rush” crowd, to those like me who love driving as fast as possible. Whatever the reason (even if it’s…Read more

Blog of Speed: K40 RL100 Radar/Laser Detector Review

I was contacted by K40 in August about reviewing their portable radar and laser detector, the K40 RL100.  I wanted to make sure I got a good feel for the product before giving my opinions on it.  I’ve used this product for a solid six months, and found all kinds of laser, radar, and speed…Read more

K40 Laser Defuser g5 Review – Lab style and road tests. Results: As Advertised!

January 2014 Review.  A little history before getting to the fun stuff.

Another generation of the well known Defuser brand has made it to the market.  Since 1996, K40 has been developing infrared speed detection inhibiting ‘plate frames.’  The jamming techniques have changed over the years(Brute/white noise to pulse match), but the customer service has…Read more

VR World: K40 RL100 Radar Detector Reviewed – Simple, Easy and Mostly Effective

When it comes to radar detectors, most people have absolutely no idea what to look for. The truth is that many radar detector manufacturers make some pretty gradiose claims and have countless features that most people really have no use for.

The K40 RL100 radar detector has a few interesting features that make it a…Read more