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A Debate On Traffic Condition Reporting Apps

We recently read an article describng a new hardware and software package that warns you of speed traps, red light cameras, and school zones by flashing different colors on a dash-mounted indicator.  The $129 USD TrapTap indicator uses Bluetooth Low-energy (BLE) to communicate with your smartphone and its mapping software.

Two of our team members had completely different reactions to…Read more

Benefit vs Cost Risk: A Radar Detector or A Ticket?

A story about a planned crackdown on speeders in Ft. Meyers, Florida got several of us analytical types here discussing how we could offer an example that could help concerned drivers make an educated purchase decision.

We agreed the best solution was to show the hard facts on how the investment in and benefit of a K40 protection system are…Read more

Crackdown On Ft. Meyers Speeders Planned

If you live/drive in Ft. Meyers, you better consider getting a K40 protection system. City officials there have requested a grant to fund increased speed enforcement by police after a study by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) found Ft. Meyers was Florida’s number one medium-sized city for speeding. Read WINK’s full story here

Intersection Definition: How Arizona Profits From Red Light Cameras

Drivers should be seeing red in Arizona over a blatantly obvious cash grab by state officials. Besides killing bills banning photo enforcement use, officials know their legal definition of an intersection does not conform to that used in 48 other US states. Read how AZ’s wording gives drivers less time to legally clear the intersection, thus increasing tickets.

The Value of Free + Instant Help = Priceless

As I contemplated as an employee how to sum up my personal experience with the K40 Consult service, the refrain in the best selling single US song in 1980, “Call Me” by Blondie came to mind:

Call me (call me) on the line

Call me, call me any, anytime

Call me (call me) my love

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Today’s Vehicles Are ‘Computers With Wheels’

Summing up the Mobile World Congress meeting in Barcelona, the Chicago Tribune notes automakers are becoming equally focused on tech features to appeal to millennials. With three in four consumers seeking connected car services in their next vehicle purchase, the race is on for automakers to keep Apple, Microsoft, and Google out of the driver’s seat. Read more

Radar-Based Safety Features, Falsing, and Filtering…Oh My!

Some of you are well-versed on the topic of certain vehicle safety features causing false alerts in radar detectors. Others are just reading about it here for the first time. Whatever your knowledge level, we realized after talking with our K40 Consult service team, as well as considering our daily reading of various automotive enthusiast sites and…Read more

Know Your State’s Speed & Red Light Camera Laws

In the vein of the proverb “to be forewarned is to be forearmed”, we wanted to make you aware of the most current (as of February 2016) speed and red light camera laws for various states that utilize the enforcement devices. Remember though, towns/villages can operate these cameras even if the state does permits or prohibits them. Read more…

Are Roads Safer With A 100% Increase In Speeding Tickets?

Depending on if you are a vehicle-driving taxpayer, government official, or even police officer, you may take a certain position on a much debated issue:

Are speeding tickets more about revenue than safety?

In this investigative piece by SILive.com (Staten Island Media Group, the truth is revealed and local drivers aren’t going to be happy.

Smartphone App Tracks Your Driving

This NerdWallet story examines the emergence of apps that can not only track your driving behavior, but the setting and reasoning behind your choice of action. One app developer says the technology is “about saving lives.” Read on to learn if insurance companies are pursing adoption of apps so your insurance rates can be raised.