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Right to Know or Right to Privacy?

Shortcuts that were locally grown secrets are now being discovered thanks to crowdsourcing traffic apps like Waze , which relies on its users to post updates on road conditions, accidents, speed traps, and traffic jams. While some drivers find Waze useful, homeowners are beginning to blame the service for a significant increase in neighborhood traffic. If you’re a regular…Read more

States with the Highest Auto Theft Rate

With summer being the prime time for auto thefts, this timely report by the National Insurance Crime Bureau may just increase your car protection vigilance. Knowing whether you live in an area where thefts are high is a good place to start. Read more

Making The Best Radar Detector Better

The creative wizards at Suburban Auto Radio in NJ took the best radar detector and laser jammer system in the world to another level with their custom install. Watch the video to see how they integrated the alert LEDs of a K40 RL360i and Laser Defuser g5 system into a 2016 BMW i8’s accent lighting.

Use Caution During Summer Drives

In this insightful article by the Huffington Post, summer driving can be deadly as July and August record more accidents and vehicular-related deaths and injuries than any other months. Read more on how you can protect yourself and loved ones.

Photo Radar is “Bunk”

“Bunk” is an old-school way of calling something BS. In this case, the city council of Edmonton’s support of revenue-generating photo radar was bunk as it was proven that by erecting more speed limit signs, there was an immediate and more effective reduction in speed than increased photo radar enforcement. Read more

Is Your Vehicle A Speeding Ticket Magnet?

The good folks at Insurance.com studied more than 323,000 insurance quotes to find out which vehicles speeders tend to prefer driving. Searching the rankings is easy…just enter your make and model and bam, you’ll learn if your car is a ticket magnet.

When Is The Best Time To Buy A Used Car?

Known for its wide range of insightful topics and helpful hints, Popular Mechanics investigated what are the best and worst times to buy a used vehicle.

Some of the results are surprising – like Black Friday being the best day to get a discount – while other insights like spring to summer being the worst time to buy a vehicle…Read more

The Hidden Cost of a Speeding Ticket: Insurance Rate Increase

After a K40 team member wrote an insightful post entitled, “Benefit vs Cost Risk: A Radar Detector or A Ticket?” , we began discussing if all the costs of a ticket were truly considered. That post examined the break-even point between the cost of just the ticket ($200 avg) and the average installed cost of a K40 RL360i radar detection and Laser Defuser g5 laser jammer system. BTW…it only took 10…Read more

Fun Facts For Fast Drivers

Not always being able to keep one’s speed in check has been a challenge for drivers since 1652 when the first speed limit (for non-motorized vehicles) was implemented. The colony of New Amsterdam (now New York) issued the proclamation: “[N]o wagons, carts or sleighs shall be run, rode or driven at a gallop” at the risk of incurring a fine starting at “two…Read more

Enter The “K40 Car Care Giveaway Sweepstakes” and Drive Ticket-Free

We’re celebrating National Car Care Month by holding the second annual K40 Car Care Giveaway Sweepstakes! By simply liking our Facebook post, you could win a K40 RLS2 Portable Radar/Laser Detector with a retail value of $399.95. Best of all is it comes with our industry first one-year Ticket-Free guarantee. You get a ticket, we pay…Read more